Multi-Instrumentalist Reinhardt Buhr has composed 16 albums. At the end of 

2019, his work went viral through social media, averaging over 4 million views 

per month, and the numbers continue to rise. 

Reinhardt combines the Guitar, Electric Cello, Australian didgeridoo, Israeli 

Shofar, Spanish Cajon, and Piano to create an extraordinarily symphonic 

orchestra in only a one-man improvisational band. He will soon add a laser 

harp via a live looping pedal to his amazing repertoire. 

Reinhardt Buhr was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1988 and grew up with 

no passion for music at all, In fact, as a teenager, he became a computer gamer and 

began abusing alcohol. His first job was at a small liquor store, where he earned 20 

cents an hour. After that, he worked as a packer in a supermarket. His plan of 

becoming an animator failed when he started abusing marijuana and alcohol on a 

regular basis.  


At the age of 19, two of his closest friends began learning the guitar. Reinhardt 

immediately fell in love with it. With no formal training, the three friends simply 

taught themselves how to play. A year later, Reinhardt was inspired by a Flamenco 

guitar player, and began learning Flamenco Rumba Guitar from YouTube videos. 

One day, he was sitting at a small roadside steak restaurant with his parents, and 

there was a man playing solo guitar covers. Reinhardt approached him to make 

small talk and the owner of the restaurant overheard that Reinhardt played a bit of 

Spanish Guitar music.  


So the owner asked Reinhardt “Why don’t you come back next week to play, and I 

will give you a steak and 10 dollars in return?” So Reinhardt Buhr played his first 

solo Spanish guitar gig that following weekend and hasn’t stopped since. 

Reinhardt Buhr quickly became known around South Africa and formed a duo 

band called “Wild Lettuce”. He and the drummer performed many national 

tours. They also opened for a lot of great artists. But unfortunately, Reinhardt fell 

into a dark habit of abusing alcohol, drugs, and cocaine. 


This affected him, his career, and everyone around him in a very negative way.  

The band broke up. Reinhardt Buhr went solo and left his hometown, hoping to 

escape the drug scene, only to find himself moving in with someone who also had 

a cocaine problem. The whole cycle started over again. 


At the end of 2016, Reinhardt hit an all-time low. He was at the point of death. He 

fell on his knees and pleaded with God to step into his broken life. When things 

could not get any worse, God in His full mercy and grace, stepped in and changed 

his life completely. Reinhardt and his wife, Mandie Buhr, both experienced God’s 

salvation and were baptized together. They left a lifestyle of cigarettes, marijuana, 

alcohol, and drugs, and began on a beautiful road of salvation and healing. 

During the biggest transition of his life, Reinhardt was playing a gig one day. As 

he was playing for hundreds of people, He felt a voice telling him to make music 

for God. When Reinhardt made the shift from playing for fame and fortune to 

playing for Christ Jesus, everything about his music changed! You can even see 

the transition from his earlier album called “Organic 432hz”, to his latest album 

entitled “The Final Movement”. 


To this day, Reinhardt Buhr makes music to God. This is his way of worshiping 

His Creator and Saviour, Jesus Christ.